Thursday, November 02, 2006

Film Music Radio Interview

Just when I start this blog, and as I'm going through Thomas Newman's filmography searching for what's available to listen to and what's not, Daniel Schweiger at Film Music Radio comes and drops this 2-hour treasure trove of an interview on me. This is a must-listen for every fan of Mr. Newman. Interspersed with Newman's interview are tons of tracks from throughout his career.

- In Daniel's comprehensive and well-organized interview, Tom drops a hint about his score for THE GOOD GERMAN, saying that it will be a twist on the Old Hollywood style of film music, a step into his father's shoes.

- The interview also confirms that the LITTLE CHILDREN soundtrack CD will not be released until January. So for now, iTunes it is.

Listen at Film Music Radio's On the Score. If you're having trouble streaming the audio, click here for an mp3 you can listen to instead. Check it out!


Anonymous Gareth said...

The links don't work anymore. I gather that they have expired on the other site. Any suggestions? Maybe you could upload the mp3 somewhere else?

5:56 AM  

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